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RP24/620G enjay etching press

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Happily in late 2015 I took delivery of a new Enjay s24* etching press. It was built and sent from Melbourne to Brisbane, it came in three bits all delivered within the same week. So easy to install and now takes pride of place in the studio. Neil and Bill were most helpful in discussing the virtues of the various models and so were able to suggest a visit to a Melbourne artist Dawna Richardson-Hyde who has the very same model s24 in her studio. Making it possible for me to view and discuss it's easy care and low maintenance with a fellow artist really helped in my decision to purchase the Enjay.

From Debrorah Palm, Mt Crosby QLD.

press in studio

*s24 new model is RP24/620G

The RP24/620G is a geared drive press suitable for schools, printmaking groups and private artists wanting intaglio and relief printing capability.

  • Robust construction
  • Safety features
  • Geared drive
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Low maintenance
  • Bench or cabinet mount

The RP24/620G is a versatile and safe etching and relief printing press.

The RP24/620G is a geared press. The generous diameter of the rimmed handwheel provides a smooth and powerful delivery of rotation, ensuring a quality print. The gearing enables printing of etchings in the popular 56x76 paper format. The space above the roller is completely clear to allow felts to flip over easily.
Maintenance is near zero; no adjustments, no greasing; just a little oil occasionally.
Low cost options include a cabinet base and a starter kit of 3 basic felts.

Standard 5 year warranty applies.

Safety features:

  • No hidden finger trapping points
  • Cautionary stickers adjacent to the obvious top roller/bedplate area
  • Laminate bedplate supported on low friction slides without wheels
  • Bed stops and anti-lift pins prevent bedplate accidentally exiting the press
  • Fully enclosed covers at sides and lower roller
  • Pressure screw locking nuts to prevent interference with pressure setting
  • Hand wheel can be locked to prevent unauthorised use

Technical specification:

  • Robust and rigid laser cut frame unitary welded construction
  • Upper roller 140mm diameter
  • Lower roller 114mm diameter
  • Gearing ratio 3.75:1 by gears [no chains] fully enclosed
  • Bedplate size 624mm x 1150mm
  • Clear overlay sheet 610mm x 1100mm
  • Professional type hand wheel [890mm diameter with 32mm diameter rim for solid grip]
  • Compact cabinet base has convenient storage shelf and wheel locking bar
  • Mass 102kg [main lift 65kg]
  • Optional felts kit comprises 1xA+2xB grade 3.2mm

Transport and installation:

  • The unpacked press easily fits in a medium size station wagon with bedplate and handwheel separate
  • We can arrange transport to any location via P&S; we normally deliver the press to the nearest major transport depot and our client arranges further transport; but we can deliver to your door if required
  • Instalation and commissioning may be available in some locations.


  • RP24/620G etching press $4,976 (bench mount)*
  • Steel Cabinet $526*
  • Optional set of fully lockable castors (on steel cabinet) $182*
  • Felts kit $103*
  • *Prices are in AUD and include GST and are effective 21-03-2017