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Neil & Denise Jeffery

Neil is a professional mechanical designer. He has designed and made etching presses in Australia since 1968. Enjay presses can be found in schools, tertiary institutions and printmakers’ studios. Neil’s industrial designs include die-cutting presses, dust collectors and power transformer peripherals. Denise is a highly creative quilter and craft artist; her work is cherished by friends and family.

In 1965 Neil established his first business, making display boards and educational accessories; it was not a success. In 1968 he started making etching presses part-time, moving to full-time status in 1972. A busy period followed, making etching and industrial presses until 1992. 1993 saw a shift away from industrial products and concentration on etching presses that were redesigned in the light of modern industrial trends and processes.

Neil is proud of the quality of his presses and has personally assembled most enjay presses since 1987, over 35 years. Neil has been supported by Denise throughout the enjay journey. They have been married for over 50 years and have 3 children. In 2023 Neil and Denise commenced a down-sizing of the business, transferring manufacture of the large models e28 and e34 to their friend Peter Humphris. Peters company 600 Engineering has made parts and assemblies for Neil for 3 decades. The presses remain the same design and same high quality.


Peter Humphris

Director of 600 Engineering Pty Ltd Melbourne, Victoria

Peter’s company has been the principal supplier of machined and fabricated parts for Enjay for 3 decades. Manufacture is now expanded to 100% of the models e28-750GC and e34-915GC.


Bill Young

I am an artist-printmaker and have printed my own and other artists’ work for four decades. I started printing for other artists in 1976, when I and fellow graduate Deborah Walker purchased an enjay RP32 etching press. We began printing for Louis Kahan and Geoff la Gerche.

Providing a custom printing service for 40 years has led to many major collaborations with artists, a privileged and satisfying position for me to be so closely invoved in the creative decision making process.

In this time I have established studio facilities at 6 different locations in Melbourne. I am now in King Valley NE Victoria and continue to develop my main editioning studio around several enjay presses including a very large press used initially for the work of Geoff Ricardo.

Neil Jeffery and I first met when I was the printmaking technician at Caulfield Tech. and our paths crossed occasionally for nearly 20 years. In 1993 Neil commenced design of a new range of modern etching presses and I agreed to lend my printmaking experience to making them as user-friendly, safe and high performing as possible. The result of our collaboration is seen in the current model e28/760 and e34/865 etching presses.

I am a contact person for sales (since 1993) and enjay etching presses have been supplied to art schools, print workshops and privately to some of the country’s leading practitioners.


Dianne Longley

Dianne LongleyI grew up on a sheep and wheat farm in central NSW and went to art school in Newcastle. In 1979 I moved to Adelaide where I lived happily until I relocated to Trentham Victoria in 2014 and opened an access printmaking studio – AGAVE PRINT STUDIO – in a 1970s A-frame.

While in Adelaide I ran a printmaking studio offering access, editioning and workshops. In 1991 I tendered for a secondhand electric Enjay press (made in the late 1970s) from the South Australian School of Art. It was a real beauty but I sold this press prior to moving to Trentham. My new Enjay is the e34/865 press, now a more streamlined press with a Bakelite bed and more safety features. I love it. I am now the contact person for Enjay Presses in the Victorian Goldfields area which has a wonderful mix of printmakers, workshops and creativity.

AGAVE PRINT STUDIO offers workshops and studio access for printmakers, printmaking collaborations and editioning services and short-term residencies. I am currently a PhD student at ANU with supervisor Sasha Grishin. I run workshops in printmaking, digital imaging, and artist books nationally and internationally and in 2011 I taught a summer school in printmaking at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine, USA. My book Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates is in its 3rd edition, and I am planning to write a new book on photopolymer printmaking post-PhD studies.

For information on Enjay presses or Agave Print Studio contact dianne@diannelongley.com.au or visit her website agaveprintstudio.com.au


Simone Tippett

Simone Tippett have been an artist-printmaker for over 20 years. I founded Union St Printmakers in 2009 to teach printmaking to fellow artists and the local community. Since then, my studio and teaching practice has expanded to curating folios, exhibitions and print events; as well as bringing together established artists and beginners to raise the profile and practice of printmaking in Adelaide. I co-ordinate a periodic e-newsletter of all things printmaking in South Australia and also edition lino plates for fellow artists.

My passion is persuading people over to the dark and inky side of the visual arts, as well as collaborating on projects and sharing skills.

In 2017 I established Stone & Quoin with fellow print buddy Damian Warman. Stone & Quoin is a dedicated artist-printmaking studio in a warehouse in Hindmarsh, South Australia. I’m also a member of the Print Council of Australia and Guildhouse, having previously served on their management committees as well.

I've been fortunate to be the SA contact for Enjay presses since late 2014, when Dianne Longley moved to country Victoria. I use an s24/610 press in my Stepney and Hindmarsh classrooms and have a RP12D for workshops outside the classroom.

I love the robust quality and safety of enjay presses. It is easy to extol the virtues of printmaking on presses like these.🖤
Website: unionstprintmakers.com


John Robinson

John RobinsonI have an extensive commercial printing background before discovering the much more rewarding, printmaking at an evening art class. I have since studied in both Melbourne and Hobart at TAFE and University. I have also worked at both TAFE and University of Tasmania including both teaching and as a technical officer.

I started Moving Creature Studio in the riverside suburb Lindisfarne and from there I have offered both workshops in printmaking and open sessions for other printmakers to have access to equipment.

I currently have two Enjay 18 inch presses, one is approximately 40 years old and the other less than 10, I love using both of them. I also have an RP12 which I regularly use at locations all over Tasmania during workshops. I also regularly print on an e34 and have used every other size Enjay press in my teaching roles. Enjay presses offer a quality product that offers value for money.

I have helped in moving many presses and Enjay are the much easier presses to be lugging around.


Susan Baran

Susan BaranI am a Sydney local, having lived in this city all of my life. I studied at the National Art School and did post-graduate studies at City Art Institute (now UNSW Art&Design). I majored in printmaking during those years and printmaking in all its forms has been my passion ever since.

I teach printmaking classes in Sydney at Warringah Printmakers Studio, Ku Ring Gai Art Centre and Gallery Lane Cove Studio as well as workshops around Australia, and more recently at the wonderful Art Print Residence Studio in Arenys de Munt just outside of Barcelona in Spain. I also tutor school students in printmaking processes for HSC works. I organise the workshop program at Warringah Printmakers Studio and I am on their studio management committee.

I am also on the committee of the Print Council of Australia as a representative for NSW. I am a member of Sydney Printmakers which exhibits prints and promotes printmaking and I am currently the president of this group and help organise printmaking exhibitions all over Australia and internationally.

When producing my own prints I specialise in intaglio processes. So a reliable etching press is absolutely essential and my experience with Enjay as a printmaker is whilst doing residencies, 4 in total at the Art Vault in Mildura. I have spent many happy hours at the Art Vault printing in the studio on their Enjay press and the results are always spot on.

I am often asked for advice on printmaking/studio matters and I'm always happy to help.
Website: www.susanbaran.com.au


Lizzie Horne

LizzieMy family nickname as a child was Ink, so it now looks as though that was prophetic… I fell in love with printmaking more than a decade ago, so much so that I have established a studio and teaching space in my home, where I have a big, beautiful, Enjay E34 etching press.

I recently opened the New England Contemporary Print Gallery, an exhibition, studio and workshop space in the centre of Armidale, dedicated to printmaking in its many forms. Here I use two RP12 portable presses that I also take with me on the road to bring printmaking into community centres in country areas. I’m thrilled to be able to share my passion for printmaking and my experience with Enjay presses. I couldn’t be happier with my three presses and would be delighted to help you find the press that will suit your needs. 

Email on lizzie.horne@me.com or call me on 0487184059.

Website: www.lizziehornecreative.com



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