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about our etching presses

Since 1993 enjay presses have been revised and re-designed to put the strength of steel only where it is needed (in the rollers and frames) and incorporate modern technology into the bedplates and gearing. Gone are the massive one-piece frames and bases, steel bedplates and bulky chain drives, which can still be seen on some presses being made in Australia.

Our precision machined steel frame sits on a separate steel cabinet base; the bedplate is Bakelite (see below) and a compact gearbox provides the gearing. Useless weight has been eliminated, transport and installation have been simplified and safety has improved.

Maintenance is near zero and the cabinet base provides useful storage space. Best of all, these modern enjay etching presses are more convenient to use, exceptionally smooth in action, uncompromising in quality of printing and safe.

Bakelite bedplates were introduced on some enjay presses around 1978 and became our only bedplate material from 1987. We use Bakelite because it is light, has high strength and hardness and does not dish over time. How many Bakelite bedplates have we replaced in 20 years? One in 2007; it had fallen out of a circa 1980's press (bedplates cannot fall out of modern enjay presses). However, we have retro-fitted Bakelite bedplates to the older presses of various manufacturers where steel bedplates have become unservicable or have raised safety concerns. More about Bakelite in FAQs.

We also manufacture custom-made presses up to 42 inch / 1065 mm.

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History and development of enjay etching presses since 1968.

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